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拉斯维加斯不断发展,没有人比曼德勒湾,咏叹调湾,咏叹调和贝拉吉亚等拉维斯物业所在的比较米格姆度假村的变化。两周前,邀请Bullz-Eye查看MGM的最新酒店,全新的Delano Las Vegas,以及游客在入住期间可以期待的住宿,餐馆和夜生活。But because there’s a lot more to what MGM Resorts is doing beyond the launch of the Delano to enhance its guest experience, we were invited back this past weekend to witness first-hand some of the newer additions that have helped transform Las Vegas into a destination that’s more about luxury than gambling.

事实上,MGM在过去10到15年里,食物,娱乐,游泳池和夜总会都有多大程度的重大班次,这是典型的拉斯维加斯访客的重要事项,赌场游戏现在只占30%的赌场bob注册它的业务。That’s a pretty remarkable statistic for a city where gambling used to be its bread and butter, but it just goes to show why MGM is striving to stay ahead of the curve in addressing the priorities of its guests, and they’ve done an amazing job so far. This may have been my first visit to Sin City, but after discovering all the cool things it has to offer, it definitely won’t be my last.


There’s nothing worse than air travel, especially when you’re forced to deal with unwanted layovers and delays, so by the time I finally arrived in Las Vegas and checked into my room at the hip and swanky Delano, the only thing on my mind was face-planting into the comfy hotel bed for a much-needed nap. But the folks at MGM had invited myself and three other travel writers joining me on the trip to an once-in-a-lifetime cognac dinner at Sage inside Aria, and it was an event not to be missed.


除了厨师肖恩麦克莱恩专门制作的五道菜单外,葡萄酒金伍德总监选择了Derpapier Champagne配对,我们采取了哈迪科克Codognac首席执行官特别嘉宾本尼迪克·哈基的五大不同的干邑白兰地。虽然菜单特色了大量的亮点,包括一个FOIS GRAS蛋羹,神户裙子牛排黛安和黑巧克力Panna Clasta,但品尝一些高端干邑的机会是一个真正的喜悦,特别是1870年代未经预防的变异自信地称为完美,真正的古老古董,运行25,000美元的瓶子(或大约800美元的玻璃),其中只有200左右。



Delano Las Vegas另一个羽毛在米格姆度假村


由于MGM度假村继续扩大和现代化Las Vegas的产品组合,势头升起了最近推出的Delano拉斯维加斯。Bullz-Eye最近访问了新的度假胜地,并确切地发现了炒作的炒作,在Vegas上打开她的门。